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The Easiest Way to Rent a Bus and Minibus

The Easiest Way to Rent a Bus and Minibus is to cooperate with BusRental.Com.TR. BusRental.Com.TR is a company with many years of experience in the Bus Rental and Minibus Rental sector. We always prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide you with the best service with our wide vehicle fleet.

The Main Services We Provide:

Bus Rental
Bus Rental with Driver
Minibus Rental
Minibus Rental with Driver

Bus Rental

An affordable and comfortable bus rental

Bus rental is a great option for traveling in groups. By renting an affordable and comfortable bus, you can save your budget and enjoy your trip. An ideal bus rental service should transport you and your loved ones safely and comfortably to your desired location.

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İstanbul Otobüs Kiralama

Who Are We?

Enjoy the Journey – Travel with Us

As MSL GLOBAL TURİZM, we have been serving in the tourism and travel industry for many years. Our mission is to help our customers discover unique destinations around the world by providing them with unforgettable and comfortable travel experiences. With our professional and experienced team, we offer affordable and high-quality services for individual and group travels, tailored to the needs of each of our customers.

Araç Kiralama
Otobüs Kiralama Hizmeti
Minibüs Kiralama Hizmeti

Our references:

Premium Bus Rental and Minibus Rental

Group Transportation is Now Easier with Our Bus Rental

As MSL GLOBAL TURİZM, we make your travels more comfortable and economical with our group transportation services. Traveling in groups is now much easier with our modern and comfortable buses. You will have a safe and enjoyable travel experience accompanied by our professional team.

Check out our Vehicle Fleet

We are breaking new ground in minibus rental, bus rental and VIP car rental services with our experienced staff, perfect vehicle fleet and widespread service network that is not available on any other platform in our country. We produce ideal solutions for everyone looking for a professional.

8 + 1 VIP Minibüs Kiralama

4+1 Person VIP Minibus

8 + 1 VIP Minibüs Kiralama

8+1 Person VIP Minibus

VIP Büyük Minibüs Kiralama

16+1 Person Minibus

19 Kişilik Minibüs Kiralama

19+1 Person Minibus

Küçük Otobüs Kiralama

27+1 Person Minibus

Orta Otobüs Kiralama

31+1 Person Minibus

Contact Us

Another easy way to reach us. You can send your questions and suggestions to our platform by filling out the form below. You will receive feedback from our team within a few minutes.

Safety - Security​

We take all necessary precautions for the regular maintenance and control of your vehicles, the training and certification of your drivers, and the safety of your passengers.

Professional Drivers

Professional drivers are one of the cornerstones of safe and effective transportation. Equipped with expertise, experience and training, these drivers deliver passengers to their destinations on time and safely.

Travel with Authorized Vehicles

Authorized vehicles offer a safe and comfortable experience during your travels. Hit the road with modern and well-maintained vehicles, accompanied by professional and experienced drivers.
You can have a peaceful and safe travel experience by choosing authorized vehicles during your travels. MSL Global Tourism

Vehicles with D1 Authorization Certificate

Vehicles with D1 authorization certificate provide domestic scheduled passenger transportation services. They provide service at bus terminals.

Vehicles with D2 Authorization Certificate

Vehicles with D2 authorization certificate provide domestic unscheduled transportation services. It can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

Vehicles with B1 Authorization Certificate

Our vehicles with B1 authorization certificate serve on international scheduled flights. It provides passenger transfer from bus station to bus station.

Vehicles with B2 Authorization Certificate

Our vehicles with B2 authorization certificate are used in international travels. All cabin crew have international travel experience.

Rent Legally

Busrental.com.tr T.R. It provides passenger transportation services in accordance with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure regulations and U-ETDS systems.

24 Hours Uninterrupted Support

Busrental.com.tr is Turkey's only transportation platform that can provide 24-hour spare vehicle warranty and operation support. We provide support 365 days a week, including our call center.

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